Learn to Make Realistic PBR Materials in Substance Designer

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About Course

Beginners Guide to Creating Realistic PBR Materials using Substance Designer


Everything You Need to Create Photorealistic Materials from Scratch

This Course is for Beginners who want to Create Materials using Substance Designer. Everything is Explained in Details:

  • How does Materials Work?
  • What is a Normal Map? Roughness? Metallic? BaseColor?
  • How can you Leverage these 4 Channels to Create Awesome Materials

Nodes in Substance Designer

I will explain the nodes, how they work, their effect and how can you use them over and over to create the Materials that you want

Create 3 Realistic Marble Material based on a Real Reference

– Square Marble Material

– Pyramid Marble Material

– Bricks Material

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand how Materials Work
  • Leverage 4 Channels to Create Realistic Materials: BaseColor - Normal - Roughness - Metallic
  • Learn Nodes and their Effects that Allows you to Create any Material that you Want
  • Learn to Create the Shape of the Material that you Want
  • Add Realism: Cracks, Scratches, Destructions & Imperfections

Topics for this course

13 Lessons02h 30m


Intro to the Course00:02:00

Understand How PBR Materials Work

Create the Shape of the Material that you Want

Adding Photorealistic Details to our Materials

Put Everything together: Finalizing Materials

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  • Feeling Frustrated by the Complexity of the Nodes in Substance Designer
  • No Prior Knowledge in Materials is Needed, Everything is Explained
  • We're Gonna be using Substance Designer & Gimp (free software)

Target Audience

  • Learn to make Photorealistic Materials that you need
  • Are you Overwhelmed by the Complexity of the Nodes in Substance Designer?
  • Beginners 3D Designers who want to Learn Substance Designer to Create Realistic Materials that Matches their Reference
  • Do you want an Easy way to Learn Substance Designer