Character Modeling: Master the Anatomy of 3D Characters

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Character Anatomy: A Great Start to Create Realistic 3D Characters the Right Way
This Course is for anyone who’s struggling with character anatomy
If you end up with some weird shapes when creating characters, this course will be very useful for you
You will learn the right way to Create all face parts: Mouth – Chin – Eyes – Nose
Once you succeed at creating this you will be able to create any character that you want

What Will I Learn?

  • This is a Great Start to Learn Character Anatomy for Absolute Beginners
  • You will Learn Face Character Anatomy
  • You will Learn how to Create All Face Components: "Mouth" - "Chin" - Eyes - Nose - Head Turn
  • Add Realistic Details to a Face of a Character

Topics for this course

6 Lessons1h 30m

Character Modeling

Mouth & Chin Creation17:38
Eyes Creation9:05
Nose Creation10:43
Head Turn12:59
Ears Creation17:17
Adding Details & Finalize Head Model9:01

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  • Have Blender 2.8 installed on your PC